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Refugees have a right to feel safe and respected.

Stand with us in supporting the rights of non-believer refugees to live free from discrimination and persecution.



We have provided housing to 20 cases.


We helped to find a job to 19 cases.

Legal Help

We provided legal help to 40 cases.

Support Letters

We issued support letters to 59 cases.


We provided guidance to 74 cases.

Welcome Home: A Safe Haven for Atheist Refugees

Are you an atheist refugee in Turkey looking for a safe place to call home? Look no further! Our Safe House Project provides a secure environment where you can thrive and be yourself without fear of discrimination or persecution. Our team is dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive safe environment where you will feel supported and valued. We provide resources and services to help you rebuild your life and connect with like-minded individuals.

A woman make herself free


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Beyond Religion: A.R.A.P. Promotes Humanist Values
for a Better Society

Introducing the Association of Atheism, Turkey: a groundbreaking non-profit organization, recognized and accredited by the Republic of Turkey, European Union, and United Nations. Our mission? To provide a safe space for free-thinkers who reject religious dogma and supernatural beliefs, empowering them to express their philosophical views without fear.

We are a community of individuals who value science and logic over holy books, prophets, and superstitions. We believe in the power of empathy, tolerance, and reason – the greatest evolutionary acquisitions of humanity. Our goal is to create a society based on science and reason, where the beauty of our planet is preserved for generations to come.



Atheist Refugee Assistance Program: Helping Non-Believing Asylum Seekers in Turkey Rebuild Their Lives

Turkey is home to the largest number of refugees on the planet, including many non-believing asylum seekers who have fled persecution due to their lack of belief in Islam. Ateizm Dernegi, a small NGO in Turkey, has launched the Atheist Refugee Assistance Program to assist non-Turkish non-believing refugees with legal aid, finding suitable accommodation and job opportunities, and providing guidance on navigating the application process for various allowances, grants, and scholarships. Despite the challenges, there are like-minded Turkish non-believers, open-minded secularists, and non-religious minorities who are willing to help asylum seekers and refugees in Turkey

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