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Scholars at Risk (SAR) works with its global network of higher education institutions around the world to arrange short-term, temporary research and teaching positions for threatened scholars. It also provides advisory, referral, and career-support services for scholars. SAR can assist threatened scholars who are seeking short-term positions of refuge or assistance in resuming their academic careers. It also finds temporary research-based and teaching positions for threatened scholars with PhD degrees and significant teaching and/or research experience at a higher education institution.

TBB Logo

Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB) envisions a world where refugees can rebuild their lives while contributing to the global economy. TBB is the only group developing work opportunities with and for refugees, enabling them to move on skilled-labor visas, as a solution to their protection needs. There are vast numbers of talented refugees currently prohibited from working. By linking skilled refugees with countries and companies that need their skills, TBB is forging a sustainable solution for refugees to help them rebuild their lives while boosting the global economy. Expanding labor mobility for refugees has the potential to improve the lives of refugees and their families and fundamentally alter future responses to refugee crises.

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