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As the applicant, I declare that the information I have provided on this form is correct.

My data will be transferred to the Association of Atheism, Turkey (hereinafter referred to as A.D.) within the scope of the Atheist Refugee Assistance Program; Even if I am entitled to benefit from the services of A.D, in any doubtful situation, my rights can be evaluated and canceled if necessary. I agree to the use of my data, including the audio and video recordings required, in a way that is directly related and limited to the operational purpose of the Atheist RefugeeAssistance Program.


I will comply with A.D.'s certification instructions and certification requirements; NAME. I will not share my conversations with A.D. without A.D.'s permission; I will not submit fraudulent documents and information; I will pass on any information necessary for the assessments to A.D. and that I will refund any financial gains from A.D. If I make a false statement, I accept and undertake that I will not hold A.D. responsible for any legal consequences that arise due to incorrect information given to A.D.

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