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Uniting Compassion and Action: Together, we can provide a helping hand to non-believing refugees, offering them a chance to start anew.

The Atheist Refugee Assistance Program is specifically designed to assist refugees who have fled religious persecution in their home countries and are seeking to build a new life in Turkey. To be eligible for the program, applicants must be future asylum seekers or refugees who have clearly stated their non-believer status in their immigration documents. In order to be accepted to the program, there is a “thorough vetting process” where the applicant will need to provide supporting evidence for his/her claims. While the program does not provide financial support, it offers valuable assistance in several key areas:

  1. Accommodation: Helping asylum seekers and refugees find suitable housing or roommates in Turkey. Assisting with sharing ads on local and online platforms, translating necessary documents, and providing guidance throughout the application process.

  2. Job Placement: Assisting atheist asylum seekers and refugees in finding employment opportunities in Turkey. Translating curriculum vitae (CV) into Turkish, providing templates for job applications, and offering guidance throughout the interview process.

  3. Legal Aid: Accepting applications from atheist asylum seekers and refugees in need of legal support. After verifying the authenticity of the applications, Ateizm Dernegi takes over the legal process and provides assistance through pro bono lawyers.

  4. Official Letters: Issuing letters of recommendation, support, or verification to the Turkish immigration division or UNHCR on behalf of asylum seekers and refugees to support their claims. Additional verification may be required from trusted sources in the applicants' home countries.

  5. Guidance: Assisting applicants in preparing documents for allowances, grants, and scholarship applications to be submitted to national and international organisations, funds, institutions, associations, and secular/humanist/atheist charities.

The Atheist Refugee Assistance Program aims to create a supportive network for non-believing refugees, helping them overcome challenges and establish a new life in Turkey.


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