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Sardar’s Story

Sardar was a young child who grew up to mullahs and imams and that’s when problems started to occur in school and at home.

His teachers were trying to stop Sardar from asking such questions about religion, warning his family to control their child since he was a bad example in the eyes of other students. Sardar was routinely beaten by his father as well as his teacher. As he grew up, he and his family began to receive death threats from Hezbollah, the Shia Islamist political party and militant group based in Lebanon, which controls nearly everything in Afghanistan. That societal pressure, along with that of Hezbollah, frightened his father to the point that he told his son that he would kill him with his own hands. With this murderous act he would be able to declare to Hezbollah and the local community that his family were good Muslims and would follow the edicts of Islam.

When Sardar turned 20, Hezbollah representatives and Sardar’s male family members

gathered together and began to argue about Sardar’s life. At this time he was locked inside an empty room for three days without food and water. After those very difficult three days, the congregation decided to ask Sardar if he intended to behave, and would he accept admission into a mental hospital to get treatment for his “ailments,” and if so, they would allow him to live. Sardar succumbed to their demands out of fear for his life.

However, Sardar decided to run away from the mental health institution where doctors were

treating his so-called mental illness. He fled to Turkey by crossing the border illegally; upon

learning of this development Hezbollah declared that whoever killed him in the name of God will earn the right of paradise.

Sardar has been living safely in Turkey now for more than four years, yet without residency or

a working permit. He has since applied to A.R.A.P. for our assistance with his bureaucratic

processes; we are in contact with him and have begun procedures with the immigration office while consulting with Sardar and our lawyers on the best way forward.

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